Chipstead Sailing Club

Welcome to Chipstead Sailing Club

Newcomers of all ages, of any experience or none, are welcome

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Chipstead Lake, Chipstead near Sevenoaks, KENT TN13 2SD [Map]
* Dinghy Class and Handicap Racing *
* RYA Training Courses: Sailing and Powerboats *

* Junior and Youth Training and Racing *
* Social Events *
* Radio Sailing *

Please would the remnant who have still not renewed their membership for 2018 do so by the end of February at the very latest.


Please renew via 

Full instructions are below.

Log on to web collect using the link at the end. You must use the email that you have registered currently. Once on you can change it in the same way you can change your mobile number, address, duty preferences, etc. If you have forgotten your password you can request a new one.

Please don’t forget to delete any old holiday dates and add any dates when you will be away in 2018

If you want help doing it, the best thing is to bring your lap top, tablet down to a WWP. It is the time to ask anyhow.

On your page you need first to go to the bottom and tick each subscription you wish to renew before placing a single order. Do NOT buy any new subscriptions unless you are changing say from full to social membership. Only buy a new boat subscription if you have acquired an extra boat.

In the past, a number of people have ignored this and made a bit of a mess of things!!

It is actually unhelpful to me if you place an order ahead of actually intending to make payment. E.g. please do not place an order with a payment for 1st Feb until 31st Jan. I can do nothing more with it and it only makes matching up payments with orders much more tedious.

Bank transfers are much less time consuming for me but do please note the unique  bank ref given clearly at top of your page and also provided and again with the club account detail. Writing something like “Chipstead fees” instead hardly helps identify you as they all are. This is particularly important if you are paying with an account not in the name of the main member.

If you do send a cheque , please make sure your name is on the back if the account is not in the name of the main member, and your ORDER number is on the back. Please post a cheque to my home unless you can hand it to me directly at the club. Scrumpled envelopes appear in the box at the club that have clearly been in someone’s pocket for weeks

We are no longer accepting cash payments.

Please remember that fulltime students between 18 and 23 can be included in Full membership of a parent or grandparent but cannot be included in a Junior Family membership

Look at the part called Membership Form - 4 –2 and you will see under your membership number, an item that first appeared in 2016

Club Participation HMRC requirement to which it is hoped you will later answer YES

This refers to the following;-

“To maintain our CASC status, HMRC requires at least 50% of our members to participate in club activities on at least 12 occasions during the year . ‘Club activities’ includes racing or cruising, model yachting, canoeing, duties on or off the water, volunteering of all kinds including WWPs, Wealden Sailability, training and helping in the kitchen, but not child minding”

I intend to be down on each work party, except for 7th January. There are sure too be plenty of other people who can give you advice.

Sue Wilson