Chipstead Sailing Club

Topper Class

The Topper dinghy was designed to be used by children and small adults. The idea was that it is a dinghy which can be easily transported on the roof of a car as it is only 11 feet long and can be launched and recovered by one person.

It is a one design dinghy so they are all very similar. Over the years they have become a bit more sophisticated with better control lines but are still simple to rig up and sail.

The Topper is a low maintenance boat that is cheap to buy second hand and tough boats which will hold their value.

One of the key factors in the success and longevity of the Topper lies in the ruggedness of the manufacturing process of the Topper hull which is injection moulded polypropylene, an advanced polymer which combines strength and resistance to cracking with lightness and a virtually everlasting life.

There is a large fleet of Toppers at Chipstead S.C. some sailed by adults and also some by the junior sailors at the club.

We use these boats for training purposes as well as for recreational sailing.

The Topper fleet race regularly on a Saturday afternoon in the summer months with both juniors and adults taking part. Toppers are an excellent fun boat to sail.

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