Chipstead Sailing Club

Held on Saturday 12th January 2019

For report and full list of prize winners please follow the Read more link below. Photos available here:

Over 70 people attended the 2018 prizegiving evening at Chipstead Sailing Club on Saturday 11 January 2019, to cheer on the multitude of adults and juniors who had won prizes in the last year. The evening was hosted by Richard Sammons, Sailing Secretary and prizes were presented by Greg Jenkins, retiring Commodore. The organisation of the evening was led by Maggie Murrell, Trophy Secretary.

Special prizes were given to those competitors who had secured prizewinning places in more than three separate Race Series, led by Paul Grace who secured the prestigious Top Dog Trophy for 2018.  Paul thanked the Sailing Committee for organising the Race Programme.

Top Dog 2018 Prize Winner Paul Grace, with other multiple prizewinners John Masters and Graham Field. Paul, John and Graham won 15 prizes between them.


Event Year Place Name Class
Winter series A 2017 3rd Paul Grace Streaker
(37 Competitors)   2nd Paul Handley K 1
(21 Qualifiers)   1st Graham Field Laser
Winter series B 2017 3rd Alan Ritchie Laser
(34 Competitors)   2nd Paul Handley K1
(18 Qualifiers)   1st Richard Ball Solo
Christmas Cracker 2017 3rd Alistair Roaf Solo
(16 Competitors)   2nd Alan Ritchie Laser
( 15 Qualifiers)   1st Paul Grace Streaker
Chipstead Chiller 2018 3rd Graham Field Laser
(36 Competitors)   2nd Alan Ritchie Laser
(16 Qualifiers)   1st Paul Grace Streaker
Chipstead Pin 2018 3rd John Taylor-Ingle Comet
(21 Competitors)   2nd Alex Yeates Optimist
    1st John Clementson & Melanie Titmus Graduate
Wednesday Evening Fast H'cap 2018 3rd Alan Warren & Debbie Saunders Graduate
(52 Competitors)   2nd Richard Ball Solo
(20 Qualifiers)   1st Bob Murrell & Callum Sarsfield Graduate
Wednesday Evening Slow H'cap 2018 3rd Meg Warren Comet
( 21 Competitors)   2nd Thelma Dutton Topper
(8 Qualifiers)   1st Peter Gregory Int 2.4
Wednesday Eve Slow H/c Crew 2018   Simon Pratt 5th Place Heron
Veterans 2018 3rd John Masters Laser
( 22 Competitors)   2nd Peter Gillow Solo
( 12 Qualifiers)   1st Alex Ross Laser
Peter's Pot (over 65) 2018   Alex Ross  
Ladies 2018 3rd Meg Warren Comet
( 9 Competitors)   2nd Thelma Dutton Topper
( 4 Qualifiers)   1st Jane Marshall Topper
Donald King 2018 3rd Callum Sarsfield Various
( 39 Competitors)   2nd Luke Hagon Various
( 8 Qualifiers)   1st Charles Dutton & Meg Crawley Graduate
Sunday Morning Handicap (A) 2018 3rd Peter Gillow Solo
Douglas Stern Trophy   2nd Paul Grace Various
(33 Competitors)(7 Qualifiers)   1st David Chesworth Comet
Sunday Morning Handicap (B) 2018 3rd Greg Jenkins & Rita Jones Albacore
Sunday Sheild   2nd Paul Grace Various
(33 Competitors)(8 Qualifiers)   1st David Chesworth Comet
Herbert Chase 2018 3rd Paul Grace Various
( 33 Competitors)   2nd Callum Sarsfield Various
( 4 Qualifiers)   1st John Masters Laser
Novices 2018 3rd Lucie Prior Optimist
(41 Competitors)   2nd Daniel Pearson Various
(9 Qualifiers)   1st Hugo Valentine Various
Optimist Points 2018 3rd Daniel Hebditch  
(20 Competitors)   2nd Edward Smith  
(14 Qualifiers)   1st Alex Yeates  
Commodore's Cup 2018 3rd Lucie Prior Optimist
(33 Competitors)   2nd Callum Sarsfield Various
(12 qualifiers)   1st Hugo Valentine Various
Young Guns 2018 3rd Lucie Prior  
Ron Sinclair Trophy   2nd Mim Asker  
    1st Alex Yeates  
Ian Walker Trophy 2018   Katy Yeates  
Chipstead Chalice 2018   Mick Healy and Solo Team  
Comet Points 2018 3rd James Wilkins  
( 24 Competitors)   2nd Mark Wilkins  
( 15 Qualifiers)   1st Guy Wilkins  
Firefly Points 2018 3rd Tony Meyrick & John Savill  
( 8 Competitors)   2nd Peter Lanham & Wendy Seaton  
( 3 Qualifiers)   1st Neil Banks & Tom Hummerson  
Russell Cup S/H     Not this year  
Crew's Tankard     Tom Hummerson  
Graduate Points 2018 3rd Ric Lewis & John Higham  
( 28 Competitors)   2nd Alan Warren & Debbie Saunders  
( 17 Qualifiers)   1st Bob & Maggie Murrell  
Heron Points 2018 3rd Peter Moulton Single Handed  
( 15 Competitors)   2nd Jon & Verna Hunt  
(10 Qualifiers)   1st James Russ & Suzy Wooff  
Laser Points A 2018 3rd Andrew Sorrell  
(31 Competitors)   2nd John Masters  
( 13 Qualifiers)   1st Graham Field  
Laser Points B 2018 3rd John Masters  
(30 Competitors)   2nd Andrew Sorrell  
(13 Qualifiers)   1st Graham Field  
Scorpion Points 2018 3rd None  
( Competitors)   2nd    
( Qualifiers)   1st    
Solo Points 2018 3rd Alistair Roaf  
( 25 Competitors)   2nd Dave Rudman  
( 20 Qualifiers)   1st Richard Ball  
Topper Points 2018 3rd Hugo Valentine  
( 17 Competitors)   2nd Douglas Haig  
( 9 Qualifiers)   1st Jane Marshall  
Mongrel's Bowl 2018 3rd Alex Ross - Laser  
    2nd Rob Trend - Solo  
    1st Mick Healy - Solo  
Mongrel's Bowl Team 2018   Solo Class  
      Mick Healy, Rob Trend &  
      David Bleakley  
Top Dog Team 2018   Solo Class  
      Dave Rudman, Richard Ball &  
      Alistair Roaf  
Top Dog 2018 3rd Dave Rudman - Solo  
    2nd Bob & Maggie Murrell - Graduate  
    1st Paul Grace - Streaker