Chipstead Sailing Club


Dear Members

Since my update letter of yesterday, we have now received further guidance from the RYA and I am able to write to you with details of what may be permitted with regard to the use of the Lake.

Attached here is a Protocol to be followed for the immediate future when using the Lake. Hopefully there is nothing in it that is surprising given the messaging from the Government. It includes all of the requirements relating to hygiene and social distancing that you would expect. Please read it carefully.

Please also note the following:
1. Your safety is your responsibility. As of yet we cannot provide safety boat cover (nor can we race, of course). Please be mindful of the conditions and your ability.
2. The Club is run by members, for members. The General Committee is simply a group of members who have agreed to run the Club, none of whom likes the situation we face, but we are trying to exercise our responsibilities in line with the situation in which we find ourselves.
3. You may be questioning how the new Protocol will be enforced. This is your responsibility. It would be inappropriate (and unfair) to expect members of the Committee to assume a quasi enforcement role.
4. Please be mindful that the nature of our premises is such that we are on display: our Lake is visible from the road and our land is used regularly by locals from Chipstead and further afield. There will be no shortage of people willing to make their own judgements about whether we are, for instance, getting large groups together or not adequately “distancing” and inform the local authorities. Furthermore, I expect and welcome more visits from the local Constabulary, who will be on the lookout for inappropriate gatherings.

Finally I think it’s great that we’ll be able to get back on the water. Our ability to do this safely and without annoyance to others is totally in your hands. In this regard please act at all times with consideration to everyone, whether on the shore or the water.

Steve McCann
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For the Chipstead Sailing Club General Committee