Chipstead Sailing Club


You may wish to print out this Protocol and take it with you if visiting the Club, in order to remind you of the requirements which must be met when using the Lake during the continuing restrictions.

Social distancing
Please be sure to observe the Government’s Social Distancing requirements at all times. The Club is regularly patrolled by the Police who have the power to administer fines.

Independent Sailing
The dinghy park will from Wednesday 13th May re-open for members who wish to sail, paddleboard, or radio-sail independently via their own means. Only members who have renewed their Club membership for 2020 will be allowed the use of the water, no guests should be brought on site. There will be no access to Club patrol boats, the Club winch, other equipment or changing/toilet facilities (save as provided below) and those who consider independent sailing etc. are referred to the provisions for such sailing set out in Club Bylaw 6 and the Notes on Sailing Safety in the Club Programme, particularly noting the following:

  • The Club recommends that for safety reasons, members independent sail etc. when there are other users of the water on site, but this must be in line with H.M.Government stipulations regarding maintaining social distancing and avoiding social contact.
  • Do not obstruct the foreshore or other thoroughfare areas or congregate in groups – maintain social distancing.
  • Those aged 14 or under are not allowed on the water without the supervision on the water of either an adult (over 18 years old) or an RYA qualified Dinghy Instructor or Assistant Instructor aged over 16 years old (and for the avoidance of doubt, an adult or RYA DI or AI on the bank is not considered to be providing supervision) .
  • Any use of the dinghy park, boats or other uses of the water can only take place by a single member or members of the same household
  • Subject to the last bullet point, and the maintenance of social distancing, boat maintenance may be carried out in the dinghy park.
  • The “Out of Hours” patrol boat (of which further details appear in the Club Programme) will be available, in the event of an emergency only, to members with a Club key.
  • Members should NOT sail when the wind speed is forecast to be more than 15 knots or with gusts of more than 20 knots according to the Windguru link on the Club website. All helms should sail well within their capabilities and lower maximum wind speeds will be more appropriate for inexperienced and novice helms.

Shore facilities

  • The Clubhouse, changing rooms and toilets (save as provided below) will remain closed and unavailable to members until further notice. Members should change at home, or if really necessary, in their cars, before and after use of the Lake.
  • The Mast Hut will be available for members who have a Club key to use. Please be sure to wear gloves or other protection when locking/unlocking the Hut and handling any equipment therein.
  • The Car Park will be accessible to members who have a Club key. Please enter and exit via the gateway nearest the Clubhouse. After entering and when leaving your car to use the Club please re-secure the barrier by relocking same before leaving the car park. When leaving the Club, please also lock the barrier behind you. Please wear gloves or other protection when unlocking/locking and opening/closing the barrier. It is recommended that members should bring antiseptic wipes with them and use them to clean any surfaces touched whilst at the Club. NO camping overnight is allowed in the Club car park.
  • Barrier to foreshore. Please use etc. in accordance with the procedure set out in the previous bullet point.
  • Toilet. The only available toilet will be the Disabled Toilet which can be accessed by the external door to the rear of the Clubhouse. This door now has a code lock. The access code may be obtained from the Club Secretary at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Toilet must NOT be used for changing. Only one person should access at a time. Please wear gloves or other protection when entering the code and touching anything in the toilet. There is no hot water. Please use wipes or other sanitiser, if provided, before leaving the Toilet. Used wipes must be placed in the bin/s provided, not put down the toilet. Please close the door securely on leaving. Please ensure that if there is a queue for the toilet that social distancing is adhered to. There is a First Aid box in the toilet. If use is made of this, please as soon as possible notify the Club Secretary at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other matters

  • Anyone with any symptoms of Coronavirus should stay away from the Club for the appropriate period of self-isolation
  • Club boats are not to be used.
  • There must be no organised events.
  • Please take home any litter/packaging
  • Please prioritise hygiene at all times, including hand washing
  • Please have in mind the safety and peace of our neighbours in the Village and especially the Cheshire Home.