Chipstead Sailing Club

A reminder to all Club members that the Kitchen will be open on Saturdays and Sundays serving food as per the attached Menu at the times set out thereon.

In addition, the caterers will be adding a hot main meal as a menu special each week at only £5.

All being well, the kitchen will also be selling chocolates and other sweets.

At the hours the kitchen is open, facilities will also be made available for members to make their own teas and coffees from a table outside the Clubhouse front door by the Courseboard.

To assist the caterers, please if possible pre-order your food on coming to the Club.

Finally can I remind members that the much preferred payment method for BOTH the Kitchen AND the Bar is by card, and members are especially asked to assist in this regard, which also helps with Covid-19 precautions.

Please support our caterers in their efforts to provide a valuable service for Club members in these difficult times, by making as much use of the kitchen as possible. 

And I am sure the same goes for the Bar as well!

John Masters
Club Secretary
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