Chipstead Sailing Club

I thought I would take this opportunity to provide an overview of the Junior Class plans moving forward this year.

We are aware that everyone is keen to return to sailing and we are still on track as per the clubs sailing programme to resume Junior Class activities from 3rd April 2021 (see below and here).

Due to being in Lockdown the club has not been able to undertake the usual Winter Working Parties, for us this means that the Junior/Training end of the boat park requires some work to be undertaken. Initially this includes preparing the boats within the Training Fleet, these are the club boats used by the Junior Class on a weekly basis.

Junior Class events heavily rely on parents/guardians attending to get involved, you do not need to know about sailing to help, we will show you the ropes. Please be prepared to assist as Patrol Boat crew or in the race box assisting the Junior OOD.

Please note: If we cannot provide enough safety cover on the water restrictions will have to be put in place to reduce the number of junior helms allowed onto the water during the session.

As a reminder Young Guns 2020 will take place Saturday 3rd April (see here).

Junior Class 2021

All being well we are intending to start Chipmates Saturday Club on Saturday 10th April, we will be returning to our normal training/race programme (pre-Covid19 – see below) as follows.

From 10th April we will be running the following groups only;

Main Fleet (Formerly known as the racing group), this fleet is for junior helms that can confidently sail a triangular course and are proficient in tacking and gybing.

And the

Regatta Fleet (Formerly known as the Offshore Group), this fleet is for those that can confidently sail to and from the pontoon and want to practice sailing in a larger area of water to increase their sailing knowledge and ability.   

From 21st June we will be looking to reintroduce the

Beginners Fleet, this fleet is for those new to sailing and consists of land drills to familiarise themselves with the boat prior to taking that first step in learning how to launch their boat and sail out to a buoy a short distance from the pontoon.

We will continue to review this date and where possible look to reintroduce beginners before this date.

As a reminder parental presence on club premises (in the vicinity of the clubhouse) is required at all times while your children are attending Saturday Club. 

For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please see here for more detail.


Ian Cobb

Junior Class Captain


On behalf of the Junior Class Committee