Chipstead Sailing Club

WOW Fun Morning 30th August

A great few hours had by all. We had some relay races, using milk bottles instead of batons. Requiring participants to make up 4 teams. Only one boat of each team, on the water at a time. They had to sail a course returning to shore. Handing over baton and then pushing next team member off as hard as they could.

Next race once Number 1 boat was sailing its lap. Number 2 boat hovered in the box trying its darnedest to marry up with Number one boat as it entered the box for the baton to be exchanged in a measured manner. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t!

At times they had to execute the manoeuvre of walking around the mast or sailing a 360. Only one and a half souls dared to do the first and ended up quite wet.

A hilarious and educational few hours were spent with tea and cake and a lot of chat after the event. WOW!