Chipstead Sailing Club

Ten Rater Ranking-1 Open Meeting at Chipstead SC Radio Sailing

21st January 2022

The weather did not look promising at the beginning of the day with no wind and cool conditions but it improved to a light breeze 4-6knots with a raise in temperature until 3.00pm.

We had 9 participants from as far away as Leicester who came to race one of the most beautiful yacht classes in the model yacht categories, being well suited for the light wind conditions.

A 120 metre windward leeward course was laid into the light North Westerly breeze and following a short briefing by the PRO Dave Allinson, racing commenced at 10am.

There were 9 races run before lunch with Graham Bantock topping the score sheet with 6 first places. Austin Guerrier was established in second place with Colin Harper and David Andrews fighting for third and fourth, Hugh McAdoo and Robert Wilson were close behind in a battle for fifth and sixth.

Racing was paused at 12.30pm for a very tasty beef stew with french bread prepared and served by Peter Crisp in the welcome warmth of the club house.

At 1.30pm racing recommenced. Race 10 was won by Austin Guerrier and race 11 was won by Colin Harper chased to the finish by Austin.

Graham now took control and reeled off four straight wins to seal the event.

There were no General recalls and in general the starts were very clean and the racing had only one protest.

Stuart Ord-Hume our rescue boat skipper also had very little rescuing to do but was on hand in case.

At 3.00pm the wind started to fade away and the final race finished at 15:15. The fleet then packed their boats away and retired to the club house for tea and cake and prize giving

Dave Allinson presented the winner and contestants down to fourth place with a bottle of wine, Graham Bantock thanked all for the days racing and hoped to visit Chipstead in future competitions.

Many thanks to Mike Lightwing, Chris Heath, Peter Crisp, Garven Mckie and Stuart Ord Hume for their help in running this event.

Result of the Ten Rater Ranking-1 Event.